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Why St. Petersburg’t know how to make coffee

Terrible “Americano”

– Why are you so sure did know how to make coffee?

– I have to monitor the situation with his cooking in those

institutions, which our company supplies grain. So I go on Petersburg coffee shops and watching the Barista – the so-called those who prepare coffee. I can assure that the situation with espresso very bad. The institution in which you will cook even not perfect, but simply delicious coffee, – can be counted on the fingers of one hand! I wonder why still no waiter did not throw this drink in your face.

– Try splash! You’ll be put out of the coffee shop with the scandal, sue…

Not true. You are outraged when you bring soup with a fly? Coffee is the same – the customer pays the money to the coffee shop for a quality drink, and bring him unknown. Among other things, improperly prepared coffee is harmful to health! After all, the technology of preparation of this drink was developed by scientists who knew that in coffee bean is not only healthy and delicious essential oils, but also a lot of harmful toxins, carcinogens and other nasty things. Scientifically it has been found that in a Cup came only useful, needs to be put in the car 9 gram coffee and under a pressure of 9 bar for 25 seconds to pass through the coffee 25-30 ml of water. Any violation of these terms and conditions in the Cup and be the extra caffeine, toxins and carcinogens. Now in St. Petersburg the vast majority of institutions under the guise of espresso delivers the beverage that is brewed for much longer than 25 seconds: a few years of using this liquid, and then farewell the liver.

How to spot coffee “marriage”?

– Very simple. If you ordered one espresso, you should bring a small Cup of 60 ml, in which 30 ml of coffee. If you poured a full Cup of this coffee is already harmful. Worst drink – «Russian American”. Worldwide get us so: first in a Cup pour plenty of hot water, and then top to make espresso. We have all this water is passed through a standard 9 grams of coffee the result is a hell of a mix, which even smells like chemicals! The taste of this “coffee” bitter and strong. And, as a rule, Petersburgers drink «Russian American” with milk and sugar, and these additives contribute to the fact that the harmful substances absorbed by the body faster and longer excrete… Therefore, before you order an Americano, be sure to learn how it is prepared in the institution.

the “Horns” Yes handles

– What if I came to the coffee shop for the first time? How do I know good coffee will bring me or bad?

– First, go to the bar and look at the coffee machine. If it is machine – pressed the button and got a drink – you should not worry for their health, but coffee will be deflating. Coffee drinkers don’t like that. If the machine works automatically, if it is removable “horns” and steam handles, it means that to make coffee you will manually. Such a machine should be considered carefully.

– Why?

– The device itself speaks for his master. If the machine is covered in coffee spills and old stains and steam handle is covered with a thick layer of milky patina – you will leave this coffee without hesitation, good coffee you will not wait here. Time machine is dirty on the outside, and inside the “horns” obviously not clean – they burn the coffee particles, which give a bitter taste. Ideally, the “horn” need to be washed after every Cup. Also better not to order coffee in that case, if these devices are separate from the machine – this means that they are not warm and the coffee in the cold “horns” brewed badly. Next to the unit should stand grinder, and empty. The fact is that shredded wheat retains its freshness 4-5 minutes. So if the grinder is full of coffee in her “old” and leaves the mouth dry bitterness.

– But if the machine is clean and empty the grinder – you can safely order coffee?

– The best test in St. Petersburg – ask the Barista what kind of coffee he uses for espresso. If he gives you the go company – feel free to place your order with the specialist, he’s a professional. But in 95 percent of cases Barista will tell you that the brand of coffee doesn’t know how long will be looking for a bag of beans and the syllables to read the name…

– How to make the perfect coffee?

– Grain namasivaya for each Cup of separately, immediately laid in a clean machine and brewed within 25 seconds. After that, the waiter immediately brings it to the client through a minute and a half after preparation of the beverage is already “die”, loses flavor and taste. Foam coffee should be dense, nutty color, without spots, bubbles and gaps, and it should recover once you put sugar in the coffee and stirred it with a spoon.

– But if the foam is not so?

– Require replacement. On the skin can understand what the Barista did not – I dare you to try coffee. If the foam is not walnut, but lighter then the drink is brewed need less time – it will sour. If you added a darker coffee will be bitter. If on skin white spots – it is brewed too long, the Cup got a lot of caffeine. If the surface has bubbles, coffee, badly filled in the “horn” – the drink is bland, tasteless.

– What do you mean “stuffed”?

Barista should be compacted ground coffee in the strainer so that the “horn” could fearlessly be flipped upside down. If coffee was trodden bad, the water just poured through him, not brew drink.

– Such subtlety… Do you believe that all the employees of the coffee shops will start to follow them?

– Well, in Europe all these rules perform – why not? The problem is that now in St. Petersburg coffee shops huge turnover, professionals for brewing coffee is almost there. There wouldn’t be until Petersburgers will not begin to find fault with the quality of the coffee!

How to choose a type of coffee

The main only two coffees – Arabica and arabusta. In the Arabica a lot of essential oils, so the drink is fragrant and gives a pleasant acidity. From arabusta get strong coffee bitter and beautiful Crema-colored nut. Arabusta is only used for espresso and coffee blends.

For other ways to brew coffee uses Arabica. Moreover, for a method with a French press you need to take only the so-called single origins Arabica – they have natural flavors depending on the country of origin. For example, monoart Arabica from Guatemala gives chocolate and Sumatra – spices.

How to make coffee

Worldwide, there are only four ways of making coffee at home.

Oriental coffee – the most ancient way. It is time consuming and requires deliberation. Perfect for food lovers. Coffee you need to carefully grind – literally in the dust, otherwise it will not brew. Turku is necessary to choose a small (150 ml), copper (to no coffee extra flavor), rounded. In a heated Turku should pour 6-7 grams sugar, calcined (for flavor), pour cold water, put on the fire and wait until it rises coffee scum. You can add spices. Drinking Turkish coffee is to slowly, drinking cold water.

French press – tasting method, allows you to experience the subtle nuances of flavor and aroma. Perfect for leisurely drinking coffee in the company of friends. In a flask with plunger (St. Petersburg institutions in such flasks of tea) poured 10 g coffee coarse grind, pour 200 ml of hot water, allow to infuse for 3-4 minutes. Then lower the plunger to press the grounds to the bottom.

Mocha-coffee coffee very light, with minimal caffeine content. To make it, created a special mocha-coffee maker in the form of an hourglass. In the lower part is filled with water, in the middle is inserted strainer with coffee. Water from the bottom of the flask is evaporated by passing through the coffee and into the upper part of the coffee maker is condensed into the prepared drink.

American coffee – it tastes too strong, but caffeine in it than in all other species. For making uses ordinary coffee makers with glass pitcher. Water should be poured at the rate of 200 ml per 10 g of coffee .

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