Types of coffee

“The divine drink, which will be discussed in this article, is the most popular drink in the world! Its taste and aroma gives genuine pleasure, immersed in absolute harmony with yourself and others, slows down time and allows you to think

about something much deeper and more eternal, albeit only for a moment… until you drink… Coffee.

Indeed, the most popular drink in the world is coffee. Statistics say that each year on our planet drink about 700 billion cups of coffee (although it seems to me much more). Despite this, the space number, the world health organization not only included coffee in the list of products that are safe for life and health, but also proved its usefulness and even the necessity of the human body.

Therefore, as part of this review we offer you to plunge into the variety of types and ways of preparing coffee.

Espresso ( Espresso ) – black strong coffee, it is served without milk in small cups (50-60 ml one Cup).

Cappuccino ( Cappuccino ) – is based on a simple espresso (or a double Espresso, which is brewed in a special Cup and served with a cap of milk foam.

Double espresso ( Double Espresso) is the same for espresso only, you guessed it ,double the proportions. And a Cup for him is too big – 90-100 ml.

Latte ( Latte ) – coffee with milk. This French speciality coffees prepared from equal parts of coffee and hot milk and served usually in a large glass.

Latte Macchiato ( Latte Macchiato ) – this Italian specialty coffees consists of one third hot milk, milk froth and Espresso. In its preparation is poured into a glass of hot milk, then milk foam, Espresso and then, resulting in formation of 3 is typical for this drink layer.

Espresso ristretto ( Espresso Ristretto ) – more strong espresso: per tablespoon of coffee water take half the normal. The output is 20-25 ml very strong drink one or two SIPS. It is traditionally drunk without sugar.

Moccachino ( Moccoccino ) – the composition of this drink include: hot chocolate, milk, coffee, arranged in layers.

American coffee ( Americano) is the traditional coffee, obtained by diluting espresso with water to the desired concentration. This allows to obtain less strong (depending on the ratio of coffee to water) than the classic espresso drink.

Turkish coffee ( Turkish coffee ) – coffee, cooked on slow fire in Turku, with the addition of water, for a predetermined number of people. Perhaps the presence of spices – they are finely milled and added to what the ground coffee has before he will go to the fire.

Iced coffee ( Iced French coffee with added cream and sugar. Can be served cold and with the addition of alcohol.

Frappe ( Frappe ) – coffee with ice chips, based on a double espresso with milk and crushed ice cubes. Can be served with chocolate, cream, fruit, ice cream or honey.

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