Supply of coffee, types of coffee, coffee brewing methods

Supply of coffee, types of coffee, coffee brewing methods

Coffee seeds of the evergreen coffee tree.

The nutritional value of coffee is a special flavor properties, and the ability to temporarily increase the performance of the body through a part of its composition to caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system and

strengthens the heart. Moderate consumption of coffee helps to maintain a vigorous condition of the body and improves General metabolism.

Wet grain can be stored for a long period of time. Fried unsuitable for long-term storage due to oxidation and volatilization of aromatics (caveola) lost flavour and increases the humidity of the product, which the coffee quality is significantly deteriorated.

Preparing coffee, it should be remembered that only the right combination of individual species gives the drink a pleasant taste, aroma and characteristic color. Using one type of coffee, it is impossible to achieve good quality of the drink.

Coffee withmilk or cream. Hot milk or cream and sugar served with black coffee separately. Black coffee in this case is sold in tea cups, milk and cream are served in milk or creamers.

Coffee ice cream – iced is released in a special cone-shaped beaker 250 ml. In the absence of such glasses letting him go in a regular Cup or glass. Separately served dessert spoon and straws. Recommended for dessert, especially in summer.

When serving coffee in the coffeepot in front of the guest put an empty Cup with a capacity of 100 ml and, after receiving permission, fill it. Usually remains in the pot of coffee, put it to the right of the guest, so it was convenient to pour a second Cup for himself.

When serving coffee on a small podnosilac all items (coffee pot, cups with saucers, a sugar bowl) are arranged in such a way as to strike a balance. The coffee pot is put on the inner edge of the tray. This method of supplying tray is convenient and because the burden falls on the inside of your arm and the left hand is less tired.

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