How to brew coffee in Turku

Each day begins with many portions Herculean porridge and freshly brewed coffee Turk. I prefer to brew coffee in Turku – the scent is spread throughout the apartment. Grind roasted beans better just before cooking until evaporated fresh smell of coffee. Grinding can be medium, large or small. Personally I like the taste and aroma of grains fine grind dark roast.

This is my opinion, but, in principle, so it is: the finer grind of coffee,

the faster it will rise up during the boil, this will give the water all the desired properties for preparation of the beverage. Water before cooking coffee in Turku need a pre-filter. To enhance and emphasize the taste of the drink at the bottom of the Turks you can put a piece of refined sugar or salt – taste. Ground coffee is placed is based on one Cup of water 1-1,5 tsp. of powder. So, come to the recipe cooking coffee in Turku:

Filtering water; Turku select the appropriate size depending on the number of servings.

Coffee beans will be ground in a coffee grinder and sprinkle them in Turku.

Pour water (I boil sweet if you add sugar), put on low heat. Should always be present when brewing coffee in Turku, otherwise, if you do not keep up, he could just run away, and would have to cook another batch.

Waiting until until the drink starts to boil and the top is not formed foam cap.

Do not boil, but only brought to this condition is very important.

Remove Turku coffee, being abandoned for some time for the foam down.

Then again put the cezve on the stove and still repeat once or twice, depending on the grinding grains and the magnitude of the Turks.

Finished coffee, leave for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, pour in a Cup of boiling water to heat them; then drain it.

Then pour coffee from the Turks cups with foam and served to the table.

It was so right to brew coffee in Turku.

Separately put sliced lemon, cream, milk, sugar cube, etc. At work welded in a cezve coffee we drink curd doughnuts. cakes, biscuits. cakes and even pizza. so you know at home, though.

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