Recipes tasty coffee

Many of us love coffee, and some even can’t live without it (like me for example). At leisure, ploughing the vast social network VK stumbled upon a selection of interesting recipes of this drink. all personally testing I decided to share with you and calling:

“cooking up a delicious coffee from the users of the VC”

The first variant. Coffee with cardamom.

In Turku poured coffee batch of coffee and add a pinch of salt (to preserve the aroma and flavor of coffee). Coffee dozarivat in Turka to a preferred state. Add in Turku half a teaspoon of freshly ground cardamom. Pour hot boiled water for coffee and cook until foaming. After removing the coffee from the heat add in Turku a few tablespoons of very cold raw water or an ice cube (promotes the deposition of coffee grounds and revitalizesenergy coffee).

The second variant. Coffee with chocolate and red pepper.

Coffee dozarivat in Turka. Add the grated chocolate in a volume equal to the volume of coffee half a teaspoon of hot red pepper. Cook until the foam appears. The coffee is thick. Drink in small doses, very warm.

The third variant. Coffee with milk.

On low heat put two pots. In one heat milk with vanilla sugar (1 sachet of sugar per 1l of milk) and two pinches of cardamom. In another saucepan, in boiling salted water rolling in the coffee “method of the sower, then ground nutmeg to taste. At the end of cooking in the pot with coffee add 2 tablespoons of rum. By the way, according to Andrew, a cocktail of rum and sugar syrup in a 1:1 ratio is very uplifting. Coffee insist a few minutes after removing from heat. Ina recommends listening to the album of max Fadeev “Cocaine is a very high quality pop music. Half of the Cup filled with coffee. Milk blender whisk to a froth and pour on top of coffee. Pour foam cap ground cinnamon and grated chocolate.

The fourth option. Just good coffee.

Take a good coffee, in our case it was brought from Italy “Sant’eustachio”, fill with boiling water and cook until the foam. Add nothing. Super! After cooking two tablespoons of cold raw water.

The fifth option. Coffee with mint.

Dried peppermint pour cold raw water to soak (in the summer you can pick fresh mint, cut or tear by hand). Coffee with salt fry in Turka. Pour the coffee with hot water, put on fire. After a few minutes, add heaping tablespoon of mint. Cook until the foam appears. After cooking, add the raw cold water. Enjoy!

And finally. In Gestalt (spec. therapy) there’s this exercise – “If coffee, then what?” Come up with three or four adjectives-the adjective that describes Your preferences in the way of preparation and taste this wonderful drink. Write them down on paper. Now replace the word “coffee” with the word “sex” Live… with pleasure!

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