How to recognize the proper preparation of espresso tamping

How to recognize the proper preparation of espresso: rammer

The process of ramming

Actually the process is properly called temperance, but the essence remains the same. A very important stage in the preparation of espresso – tamping the ground coffee in the portafilter the portafilter). Many think that this is all not important. But one thing that it seems the buyer of the

drink, and the other Barista.

The rammer, not looking at the apparent simplicity and ease of implementation, very precise and elaborate process. In a nutshell the theory. It’s very simple. If compacted very hard, the water will take much longer time to pass through the dense layer of coffee. If compacted slightly, slightly, without the slightest force, the water will pass through a leaky coffee very quickly.

Tampers are great many. Every Barista picks up his

Hence, changes in taste and chemical composition of the finished espresso. With tight tamping the coffee you will get a lot of caffeine and othertasteless oils. Coffee will taste very bitter, overheated. If poorly compacted, the taste won’t be any or it will be too sour. The most tasty and healthy will remain in the coffee pill, unable to dissolve in water.

Because when you order coffee, pay close attention to the below described actions baristas.

Barista shall give only the required dose of coffee into the cone. Generally, if the Barista enough sleep coffee in a cone or poured, just a little bit.

Coffee is rammed at once, a short, sharp movement, without the explicit application of force. Pressure on the coffee tablet is applied with a force from 13 to 15 pounds. It is not much, can check at home. If Barista coffee with RAM force or repeatedly pressing temperature (vibrating tools), the coffee is terrible. Just make sure that coffee was utrambovyvaya exactly tempera and not something else or another way.

Coffee before tamping

Nuances: often the Barista make the first rammer quite a bit with just a tap of the coffee tablet tempera, then gently tapping once or twice on the wall of the horn, RAM a second time, fine. This is the most proper technique. So the Barista shakes off all the coffee from the walls, making them completely clean. Sometimes, the Barista still scrolls the temperature inside the basket. This is also correct.

Here is the coffee tablet after ramming

After the Barista has compacted coffee tablet, it definitely needs a flick of the fingers to shake off the edges of the cone remaining coffee particles. It is important for a snug fit horn to the elements of the espresso machine and that everything was in perfect purity.

Before you put the horn in espresso machine, the Barista must be of short-term discharge of water through the working group, you should see or hear, as hot water will flow. Water is discharged for that would be customized to the beginning of the water with a properly installed temperature, draining cold or very hot water and that would flush the group from the previous one, possibly remaining coffee, before cooking a new batch.

Avoid cafe where Barista rams about coffee things, coffee grinder (sticks out to the left of the hopper), which smenet temp

As baristas have to wipe the elements of the espresso machine that come into contact with the horn. It is very important that the surface of all instruments at all stages of coffee-making as clean as possible.

A little more theory. The most important task baristas – compacted coffee in the basket is very uniform, at an angle of exactly 180 degrees and is required for proper welding force. If it’s very short. Important uniform tamping so that the coffee tablet no places with greater or lesser density than in any other place. In this case the water will go to the area with lower density, and other areas of the tablet will remain intact. And a drink would be irreparably damaged. The water is very clever, remember this.

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