How to make coffee in the microwave simple and with additives

How to make coffee in the microwave

Boil the drink in the microwave. It can make hot chocolate and cocoa, punch and hot cocktails, mulled wine and mocha. And, of course, make a Cup of coffee.

I will tell you how to make coffee in the microwave is the most common and give the recipes a delicious flavored drink that will Wake you and give strength for the day. Only, I hope that coffee with the addition of alcohol you drink is not on a weekday )))

How to make coffee in the microwave

The most common coffee can cook in a mug pour 3 teaspoons of ground coffee, add sugar according to your taste, pour cold (purified or boiled) water; place in the microwave for a few minutes – there will be a foam hat; give the hat to settle down and turn on for another couple of minutes; remove the Cup, cover and saucer, allow to stand and enjoy.

This coffee can be welded not only on the water, and milk. And add your favorite spices, such as, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger.

How to make coffeein the microwave with tasty additions

The recipe for Irish coffee. Ingredients for 3 servings:

water – 2.5 cups

coffee 1-2 tablespoons

sugar – 1.5 tbsp or to your taste

Irish whiskey ¼ Cup

cream 40% fat – a quarter Cup.

How to cook

In a bowl for the microwave, pour water, add sugar and coffee. Put in microwave for 6-8 minutes at moderate power, and in the process stir once.

Cream whisk.

Finished coffee, pour into cups, add the whiskey and put the whipped cream.

Recipe coffee with orange liqueur

Subtle citrus scent, mixed with the smell of strong coffee and mind-blowing taste.

Ingredients for 3 servings:

water – 2.5 cups

ground coffee – 1-1,5 tablespoons

whipping cream – ¼ Cup

sugar – 1 tbsp or to your taste

orange liqueur – ¼ Cup

zest from one orange.

How to cook

In a pan for microwave add coffee and pour the water. Bring to the boil for 7-9 minutes at moderate power (stir once).

Pour in the coffee liqueur and pour into cups.

Cream whisk with sugar. Put the cap on top of the coffee.

Will petrusite orange zest.

Recipe instant coffee with milk

Ingredients for 3 servings:

milk – 360 grams

water – 180 grams

coffee instant – 3 tsp

sugar – to taste.


Pour coffee into a glass bowl for the microwave. Pour water and milk. Cook on full power for 4-5 minutes.

Add sugar to your taste and stir.

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