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How to make coffee without a coffee maker or even without electricity known to many coffee lovers. For those who are only attached to the coffee skill, in this article are tips

on how to brew coffee without coffee maker.

There are many ways to brew coffee without coffee maker. To do this, just need to really want to drink a Cup of drink. And as you know, the desire to always need to execute in order.

You can even check out the ingenuity of their friends this question. And believe me the answers are very unpredictable and many will remember the very interesting moments of my life and I will tell you how to make coffee in the most unexpected conditions.

Coffee is a drink that involves for many of us a comfortable environment. If you compare coffee with tea, tea is easy to brew in any, even the most extreme environment.

When we brew organic coffee from ground beans, it assumes the existenceof well-maintained city apartment and a modern coffee machine.

And you can make coffee without an electric coffee makers?

It turns out that it definitely can! Today we will talk about how to make coffee outside civilization.

At the cottage, camping or even at home when you urgently interrupted the electricity (and in fact in such situations, the strength and freshness are like Oh are needed by the body) – there is always a way to invigorate yourself a Cup of drink.

How to brew coffee without coffee maker ways

Here are just a few of them.

How to make coffee in a French press

French press – this simple vessel is already firmly established in our everyday life – his name is not perceived by the ear as something exotic, and the shops offer a choice of dozens of options of a device with a built-in strainer and plunger, differing only in size and material from which they are made.

So you can choose among presses one which will occupy a minimum of space and weigh a bit (this is the important characteristic, if it, say, going on a hike). A method of preparing coffee in it – perhaps the easiest.

To fill in a French press any coffee grinder until very rude, pour the boiled water to stand for 4 to 6 minutes and to press the coffee grounds to the bottom with the piston. The coffee is ready.

How to brew coffee in Turku in the Eastern

Turk. she’s a cezve, aka the wine is even more ancient and well known to us the vessel. Electricity it is, of course, in principle, does not require – as a heat source for it can be used in gas burner, stove, spirit lamp, dry fuel and, finally,heated in the flame of fire brick.

The last – known lifesaver in difficult weather conditions, and in this case it is almost equivalent supersedes the hot sand, which traditionally brewed coffee on the East.

The essence of the coffee in the Turk also well known: to fill it up with the fine ground coffee, add water (preferably hot), stir, put on fire and bring to a boil, but do not boil. In this coffee can add sugar to taste, as well as the available spices.

How to brew coffee-Puerto Rican

For this method will fit any utensils. Boil 150-200 ml of water (based on one serving of coffee). Add to the boiling water 2-3 tablespoons of ground coffee and stir until then, until the foam settles somewhere around five minutes.

Remove from heat and let stand for 5-6 minutes. Then strain through a sieve and pour back into the container in which the coffee was brewed. Add 50 ml of milk, sugar to taste, and simmer on low heat for another 1-2 minutes, stirring constantly and not allowing to boil. Pour into cups and drink with pleasure.

How to brew coffee Brazilian

Preparing almost the same as Puerto Rican, but with one significant difference. Sugar is put into the water before you add it with coffee. This will give amazing the difference in taste.

And You had to make coffee without a coffee maker? Maybe You know other ways how to brew coffee without coffee maker in field conditions? I will be grateful to you if You share your experience in the comments.

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