How to cook a delicious coffee in Turku

In this article we will discuss how to sahrawat coffee in the Turk. Some of us drink coffee every morning to Wake up, cheer up and adjust themselves on an operating mode, others prefer to drink it occasionally in the company of friends, accompanying slow conversation.

Securepath coffee can in two main ways – in the special

device (coffee-machine) or on fire (in a coffee pot, ibrik, cezve). There is another method in which a container of water is placed in a heated sand and there is brought to the desired temperature. Today let’s talk about how to prepare tasty coffee in the Turk.

Turk is a metal, usually copper container with a long handle. There are Turks, designed for different number of servings from one till 7-12, depending on the volume of one portion. In any case, the coffee should be prepared at one time, in whatever composition and what cups you weren’t going to use it.

There are different types of grinding coffee for brewing in Turka, of which the Turks recommend those that have a larger particle size. They allow to obtainthe optimum combination of taste and aroma of the drink. To grind grains follows directly ahead of preparation as the maximum period of storage of the prepared raw materials makes 7-10 days then coffee loses almost all of its wonderful properties. For this reason, if you are not in a hurry and want to enjoy a drink, don’t use packaged ground coffee bought in a store.

Even the fried seeds are recommended to be stored until time of use less than a month, but since we don’t have the ability to check how much they were kept in the store, and is unlikely to be able to fry the raw grain to the desired state, we simply advise you to buy coffee beans and his own to grind that many people are quite capable.

It is very important what kind of water you use when brewing coffee in the Turk. It is best to cook the water from the well or wells, but the fit and filtered water. Boiled water is not good.

Utensils for making coffee should be perfectly clean. You should not wash Turku facilities for washing utensils, it is best to use clean sand or ordinary household soap, without aromatic and other additives. Odors can ruin the pleasure of the drink.

The proportions depend on your preferences and health status. If you want to feel taste of coffee, instead of rusty iron, on 100 ml of water requires at least 2 tablespoons of ground raw materials. Some prefer stronger, but it all depends on how you have a strong heart, liver and stomach.

The drink will be the richer, the longer it is cooked. Therefore, cooking on a gas stove, you need to keep it over low heat or put Turku on the flame spreader. On the electric stove to use the minimum possible mode. Strictly to watch that the water does not have time to boil – differently coffee it will be spoiled. In the normal cooking process ends when the water is just about ready to boil, that is, its temperature makes 90-95 degrees Celsius.

Only in ready, removed from fire and poured on cups of coffee, you can add sugar, cream, honey, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, liqueur and other products that can give you the taste and imagination.

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