How to cook a delicious cafe

Coffee is, without doubt, is considered one of the most popular beverages. He won the hearts of many people with his impeccable taste and divine aroma. Many of us can not imagine my life without a Cup of this fragrant rich beverage. Every morning, we Wake up, we go to the kitchen and cook this yummy, putting on then all your difficulties and worries. It’s kind of a ritual, without which the day

would not be so bright.

However, as practice shows, not all know how to prepare tasty coffee. In fact, the recipe of coffee is very simple. Most important is to follow certain rules.

How to cook a delicious coffee

In order to prepare a delicious coffee, you will not need rare ingredients or expensive items. It is important to keep to a special technology, which is key to the successful preparationof the drink. So:

Put in the pot a little coffee (4 tablespoons) and fill it with water (400 grams).

Put the pot on low heat and bring the liquid to a boil. But remember, boil the drink can not, otherwise it will lose its taste.

Add lemon, sugar, liqueur or brandy. It all depends on your taste preferences.

Should also take into account the fact that this is not the only recipe for flavored drink. Prepare tasty coffee in different ways. So, for example, the most popular are coffee with cinnamon, Jamaican coffee, the Libyan coffee, coffee with peach and cherry coffee.

Little secrets

And for that you have prepared the drink was very tasty, observe the following rules:

Not in a hurry. To brew coffee in Turku need on low heat.

Water. Use only clean water. The best option in this case would be spring water.

Bottleneck. In order to prepare a delicious Cup of coffee . use Turku, which has a narrow neck.

Sol. Adding 4-5 salt crystals, you will strengthen the taste of the drink.

Sugar. As for sugar, it is best to use brown sugar.

Grinding. Some people prefer a finer grind, some big. Experiment to find the right grind.

And finally, remember, about 800 billion cups of coffee we consume every year. Without such a “miracle fluid” it is impossible to imagine the morning. Aromatic, black, strong, bitter, and refreshing, this is the real drink of the gods, which men call coffee.

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