How to boil in pot of delicious coffee – 7 steps to success

How to boil in pot of delicious coffee

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Turkish coffee is simple and romantic. It’s not the coffee that You buy on the way to work, coffee is for quiet enjoyment. Turkish coffee is especially good for those who love. life!

What is Turkish coffee

This introductory part, is irrelevant, anyone not interested can skip.

Turkish coffee, the Europeans it is often called in Greek, or Eastern, was invented as a drink in the 16th century in the middle East – cooked it in small jars, later called by the Turks or Gosvami. Middle Eastern drink made its way to Europe and then to Russia. Today delicious Turkish coffee is available in various Turkish and Greek restaurants from Moscow to new York.

Coffee brewed Turkish – very tasty, and often strong.

“Turkish coffee” is prepared, as already mentioned, in a cezve, a small vessel narrowing upward, and then abruptly expanding, with a long handle, which contains one or two servings of the drink. Traditionally, Turkish coffeeis placed in hot sand, but on a gas stove at home get no worse.

What we will need when cooking

Take the water clean, not from the tap, chilled or room temperature.

The cups should be pre-heated, you can pour them in this hot water.

What kind of coffee grind is better to use

For the preparation of tasty and fragrant Turkish coffee, use the fine grinding, which you can only get or find on sale.

<<< Well ground coffee is more like a powder than anything else. >>>

In most coffee grinders this is a very fine grind. Grinding roasted grains preferably before cooking, so as not evaporated fragrance.

7 steps how to cook in a pot of delicious coffee

This recipe is a delicious beverage with bitterness perfect for morning coffee and Wake up before work and coffee in a friendly company with a leisurely conversation.

Step 1 (add sugar)

First add the sugar. I use 1 table spoon without slides for 200-250 ml of the Turks, it is 3 teaspoons, although it is usually recommended to take 2 teaspoons.

Step 2 (pour water)

Water should pour no more and no less than necessary.

<<< Complete the Turku water up to the level where it starts “the neck”. >>>

The water should reach the top, but not to be in the “neck”. You will not be able to cook a smaller amount of coffee pouring less water. If you need less coffee, you need a smaller Turk, but if more then great. The water level is important for the correct physics of the brewing process .

Step 3 (rolling in the coffee)

Step 4 (start cooking)

Now about the heat source. Since beach sand is not hot enough, especially in winter, I use my gas stove. Most recommendations say that coffee should be heated very slowly. I cooked on medium heat. But stay away from the stove! Coffee can easily “escape”.

Coffee by heating should begin to foam. If the water boils, so you used a little coffee.

<<< Boiling water in the cezve is fast, churning slowly. >>>

Coffee should never be boiled. to fix the situation must shake, add more coffee and start all over again, but the result will be worse.

You should see that the foam is growing all the coffee and begins to fill the neck of the bottle. Do not stop to monitor the formation of foam!

When the foam fills all the neck and rises almost to the top of the Turks, remove from heat source.

Step 5 (repeat 4th step)

Now gently mix the coffee and the foam subsides.

Put Turku on the heat source. Coffee starts to foam again, this time more quickly.

Again, remove from heat source and stir foam.

Repeat a third time.

Some people love the foam, others are not. When the foam grows, remove it in the sink or gently lay the cups, do not stir.

Step 6 (give a strike to settle)

Let the Turk to stand idle for 30 seconds, thus, part of the coffee will settle. Then pour yourself as much coffee as you want, sharing the rest of the drink (if there is anyone even close) among the guests. Do not pour “the last drop”, since on the day the Turks will be coffee grounds.

Step 7 (enjoy it)

Black coffee? Yes, of course. But your guests can add a little milk, tastes better – half-and-half. When you add milk to coffee particles settle slowly to the bottom, and in the Cup without milk partially localized in crema (cream) on top.

You should not drink Turkish coffee as soon as its poured into the Cup, or only stir sugar, or added milk. Warn your guests that waited until the sediment settles, so as not to spoil the impression from the taste of properly brewed coffee.

Video: how to brew coffee in Turku

Brews coffee in their own way – how many people have so many ways-modifications. One of the options other than shown in the article, only the sequence of adding ingredients and the fact that the coffee is not stirred during the cooking process for settling an intermediate foam.

<<< good Thick foam is an indicator of what was properly sustained technology brewing in the pot and drink it was delicious. >>>

Final warning

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