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Coffee is the favorite drink of many different people with different views on life, living in different countries, with different cultural values and customs. Ways to prepare this magic potion just do not count. For some people this process is almost a sacrament. Since we represent geyser coffee makers without electricity Spanish company IBILI, and methods of preparing coffee we look at it in this type of coffee makers, we present their main characteristics and give a number of tips and recommendations.


The world’s first geyser coffee maker appeared not so long ago – in the early nineteenth century. It is considered to be the inventor of the Parisian jeweler Jacques Augustine initiative for the promotion. In the first coffee of its design boiling water up the tube in the handle of the coffee pot and pour water on the coffee powder. After a few years of French inventor Nicolas Felix Durand invented a more perfectpercolator equipped with inner tube extension on the end fixed at the center of the coffee maker. So there is currently widely used coffee pot geyser type. On the top of the handset houses the mesh filter with coffee.

The first model of the coffee machine geyser type for widespread use was developed by Englishman sir Rampardos. French version consisted of two vessels, which were placed one on another and connected by a tube. Water was poured into the lower part of the hot spring coffee, and ground coffee was filled to the top with a strainer on the bottom. Then the coffee maker was placed in the fire. Heated, the water rose under pressure through the tube, irrigated coffee and leaked to the container bottom coffee pot. This process is repeated many times, until such time as the coffee machine was on fire. The result is a very strong coffee, but the aroma and the taste of it was virtually gone.

Geyser coffee maker, invented by Rampardos represented the high metal kettle, which was placed inside the liner with a strainer and pipe, which reached to the bottom. Ground coffee is poured on the tea-strainer, and water poured into the kettle. The brewing process looked the same as the French version.

A little later geyser coffee maker type has been enhanced: it combined the best of both inventions. In the new coffee maker there was a division 3 Department for water, coffee and ready-to-drink. Now the water passed through the coffee only once and collected in a separate vessel. This method greatly improved the taste and aroma of coffee made geyser.

In this form geyser coffee maker has come to our days. However, modern models of geyser coffee makers have far more opportunities than their predecessors.

Photo: geyser coffee maker IBILI “VISIT” and geyser coffee maker IBILI “CHEERFULNESS”


In appearance geyser coffee makers are somewhat reminiscent of the usual porcelain coffee pots. Traditional type geyser coffee maker requires no electricity, just put them on the stove. The second type, you must be connected to the network. But all geyser coffee makers work on the same principle.

Coffee hot spring is very widespread in Europe, especially in Italy and Spain, where they can be found in almost every home. Of course, mostly used coffee hot spring without a built-in heating, which are set on the stove. Coffee tradition there honor and geyser coffee makers with built-in electrical heating there not held in high esteem. And here we agree with them. Coffee and electricity should not be combined. Be faithful to the traditions we.

Coffee hot spring, generally consist of a metal vessel and special separators that separate the water from the ground coffee. Cold water is poured into the lower compartment. During boiling, the water rises and passes through the ground coffee. In some coffee makers, this procedure is repeated several times. But in a geyser coffee makers top quality of such water turnover occurs only once.


Coffee in the coffee machine geyser to cook simple, fast and convenient. The cooking process is very simple, and the result is always impressive. While the coffee is fluid enough, without grounds, but has a rich, intense flavor. To make coffee, you need to fill it in coffee, in a special Department in the lower compartment to pour water and put on fire the coffee. The water will boil and starts to evaporate, while it passes through the office with coffee. To find out whether all the water evaporated, and as the last straw evaporates with a loud hiss. If you hear a “poof”, it’s time to enjoy fresh coffee.

TIP: Always pour coffee into warm cups of coffee does not tolerate cold clay!

Best suited for geyser coffee makers coffee medium grind. Or a mixture of medium and coarse grind in equal shares. Then the drink becomes more fragrant. If in a Cup of coffee ready there’s a lot of sediment, you should increase the amount of ground beans. But as they say, is a matter of taste.

Coffee varieties that are better to choose for cooking in the hot spring coffee: of course the first is espresso mixture, the mixture also “Vienna”, “French” roast from monosorb can recommend Ethiopia. Flavored coffee is better not to use.

TIP: the shelf Life of ground coffee is small, but it can be extended if stored coffee, vacuum-Packed in the freezer.

TIP: Sugar and milk added to the coffee after brewing. True connoisseurs of coffee can also add different spices: cloves, cinnamon, cardamom. In many countries in the coffee add the orange zest, acny yolk, ice cream, honey, chocolate or whipped cream and a variety of alcoholic beverages. In recent times has also become very popular so-called “Irish coffee” – coffee with lots of whiskey and heavy cream.

TIP: Geyser coffee can also be used for preparation of various herbal teas. Instead of ground coffee poured into the filter herbs and in a very short time healing the drink is ready.

TIP: For the best flavor in the coffee preparation should not take water boiled, and raw – well or filtered water.

TIP: Make the coffee grind at home grinders just prior to cooking. Then Your invigorating drink will be especially flavorful and delicious.


Clean and wash equipment and utensils for making coffee every time after using it.

Give hot coffee to cool before You start cleaning.

Unscrew the manifold from the upper part of the lower compartment.

Remove the filter and clean the coffee grounds.

To remove coffee oil wash the precipitate in a solution of baking soda (3 table. spoon on 1 l of water)

TIP: After use, all parts of the coffee maker that is in contact with coffee, preferably thoroughly washed without the use of detergents in warm water (we recommend it without the use of detergents, although many recommend washing them). Let me explain why: after each preparation on the walls of the coffee maker, a layer of coffee oils, which serves as a protection from the negative influence of the metal taste. Detergents will remove this layer completely and You will lose protection from the influence of metal flavor on the taste of the drink. And without detergents You remove only the rancid grease and limescale leaving a thin film which will prevent the appearance in the coffee flavors of metal. But this is purely our opinion and You have to decide for yourself.

TIP: Once you have washed the coffee maker, it should immediately wipe dry with a cloth.


Coffee makers “CHEERFULNESS” and “VISIT” the Spanish company IBILI is a combination of modern design, elegance and quality. Coffee makers “Cheerfulness” is made of matte, and the Visit of glossy stainless steel. The handles and the handles on the lids are made of heat resistant plastic. Amount of coffee: 6 cups-espresso – 0.25 liters, 12 Cup – 0.5-liter.

Geyser coffee maker “CHEERFULNESS” IBILI (Spain) is made of brushed stainless steel, consists of two compartments separated by the mesh filter. In the lower compartment is filled with water up to the safety valve. In the grid-filter poured ground coffee. The top compartment is screwed on the threaded lower until it stops. Silicone gasket between compartments used to seal the joints of the upper and lower compartments. Then the coffee is on the stove. It can be used on all kinds of stoves (electric, gas and induction). The water in the bottom boils and rises, passing through the layer of coffee. The preparation of the beverage takes only 2-3 minutes. While boiling water, ground coffee time to warm up to her in pairs. So the coffee is very aromatic.

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