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Coffee recipes for coffee machines and coffee makers

The most popular way of brewing coffee. According to the legend, the ancestors of this method of brewing coffee are the French and the Italians have perfected technically espresso machine and built espresso in a cult.

Espresso-based you can prepare a variety of choices of coffee drinks.

Let us first set up Your coffee machine .

1. Put the smallest amount of servings of made coffee (volume passed through the coffee water pill). Usually, it is $ 25-30 ml of the prepared beverage.

2. Set a fortress, so the machine is balanced 7-9 g grains.

3. With grinding harder and longer. Empirically we need to pick a grind, filled up Your coffee, that for 25-30 seconds of extraction, you saw 3 phase espresso: the first trickle of viscous, black, almost pitch; the second is the trickle became lighter, with brown veins; the third is the trickle became even brighter, it’s barely visible veins.

Important! A trickle during these three stages should not be thicker than the tail of the mouse (1-1,thickness 5 matches), as reported by professional baristas. There is a fourth stage – the stage of white water. During her continue to stand out caffeine and wood substance, but all the taste and aromatics in the Cup.

Remember! In the first 30 ml entered all very tasty!

Now learn to make espresso in a coffee maker

1. Put in the holder (cone), about one heaping teaspoon of ground coffee, the same 7-g

2. Form a dense tablet, this well zapressovan poured coffee. Importantly, tamp it evenly. Otherwise, the extraction, the water under pressure will rush into that land, where the smaller the thickness and density of the tablets and Your coffee will be unsaturated, watery. These tasks can be solved by using coffee pods .

3. Press the start button the water and follow the stages of extraction. The sequence is the same.

So, to summarize.

Formula espresso is as follows: 7G coffee tightly compacted into a tablet (pressure 20 kg), water temperature 95-97 degrees, the pressure of the steam-water mixture Bar 9, 25 seconds extraction, and eventually to 30 ml of espresso great!

Now You understand that in Turka espresso can not be done!

The actions are the same, but at the end of the second phase will stop the water flow. In the end, we obtain 25 ml of coffee. This is quite a rich drink. Serve in warmed cups for espresso. One may bring a glass of water, so every SIP felt like the first time.

Double espresso or doppio

For 1 serving: make 2 servings of espresso in one Cup.

Serve in warmed cups for espresso.

Espresso macchiato (or macchiato)

1 espresso on top 1 teaspoon milk froth

Serve in warmed cups for espresso

Through one serving of coffee for espresso to miss a little more water. The extraction process should not last longer than 50 seconds. The output should be no more than 60 ml of coffee. This coffee is not so saturated, but it has more caffeine than espresso.

This coffee is ingenious Italians invented specially for American tourists who are used at home to filter coffee. Such a coffee is much weaker Italian espresso.

In one serving of espresso add 30 ml of hot water.

The most popular coffee drink with milk and a strong stable milk foam.

Lather the milk using the milk system (nozzles, panarello).

There are two secret. The first is to use chilled milk (from the fridge).

The second lather better in some thin-walled vessel (metal pitcher glass or the milkman), this will allow you to capture the moment when to stop frothing the milk. As soon as my hand became unbearable, about 75-80 degrees, so the milk is ready. Otherwise, under the action of steam milk and coffee will boil will exude the aroma of boiled milk. Naturally, the foam should rise. Well whipped milk foam can keep on the surface of a piece of sugar.

Next step: make the espresso. Then in a espresso Cup, pour in the milk froth.

Top with cacao, cinnamon, grated chocolate.

Unlike cappuccino latte in more milk.

For one serving: 1 Cup of espresso (30 ml) 1 Cup milk (200 ml.). Serve in a glass for Irish coffee.

The pitcher (the milkman) whisk the milk with the cappuccino maker, pour in the Irish glass (unheated, room temperature). Under the influence of a temperature difference of hot milk and a cold glass of milk will exfoliate and milk will settle down and the foam will rise up. Here now is the time to order espresso in Your espresso machine. Substitute a glass of milk under the spout bottling machine. And see the miracle! The machine gently pour the espresso, it will seep through the milk froth, ostanovitsa on the border of milk and foam and will begin to accumulate there. That’s the simple way and you will receive a delicious beverage, and exciting spectacle!

A small drop of coffee, which will remain on pins and gave the name of this drink: macchiato in Italian means “spotted”.

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