Coffee preparation methods

Making coffee can be compared to the ritual, and the masters really know how to brew coffee, you can compare with skillful wizards, giving a fragrant delight.

Before coffee reaches the table, the grains pass through several different stages of processing and sorting from direct harvesting of wood before



Collected coffee beans at the stage of collecting sorted by size, degree of maturation and the presence of defects. Then, depending on the intended variety, they are mixed or separated for further processing.


This stage of preparation of the product is considered to be the most important, it shapes the future of the taste of the drink. Roast provides four degrees depending on the color change of the grain and the power of doneness:

1. Scandinavian – provides easy handling (the lightest grain).

Vienna (grain a bit darker).


Italian (darkest grain).

It is estimated that for the preparation of 1 kg of roasted coffee requires 4 to 5 thousand grains.


After the roasting of the beans they grind to make the drink getting:

coarse grinding, involves cooking in a filtered coffee maker or a French press;

thinner (milling) is used for espresso in specialized vehicles;

the grind “dust” – for making coffee manually brewing in the cezve);

It is believed that pre-ground coffee loses its properties and taste, so it is recommended to grind the beans right before brewing.

Cooking (cooking)

Turkish coffee or Eastern brewed in a pot (cezve). For cooking use a variety of spices to enhance flavor and spice to taste, the most common additives – it is the cardamom and cinnamon.

The American way of preparation – it is known to all filtered coffee, which “extracts” drink, according to the principle of gravity.

French press – machine something resembling a thermos, where in a special flask is happening “separation” of the grounds Department. So get a drink without precipitate.

Neapolitan coffee is brewed in a special hot spring coffee machine (Moka), the construction of which involves obtaining a beverage by passing water under pressure through ground coffee beans.

Espresso – is cooked in the unit having the same name “espresso machine”, which, passing through the coffee hot (temperature 87-90 degrees) the water enters the Cup ready to drink.

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