How to recognize the proper preparation of espresso tamping

How to recognize the proper preparation of espresso: rammer

The process of ramming

Actually the process is properly called temperance, but the essence remains the same. A very important stage in the preparation of espresso – tamping the ground coffee in the portafilter the portafilter). Many think that this is all not important. But one thing that it seems the buyer of the

drink, and the other Barista.

The rammer, not looking at the apparent simplicity and ease of implementation, very precise and elaborate process. In a nutshell the theory. It’s very simple. If compacted very hard, the water will take much longer time to pass through the dense layer of coffee. If compacted slightly, slightly, without the slightest force, the water will pass through a leaky coffee very quickly.

Tampers are great many. Every Barista picks up his

Hence, changes in taste and chemical composition of the finished espresso. With tight tamping the coffee you will get a lot of caffeine and othertasteless oils. Coffee will taste very bitter, overheated. If poorly compacted, the taste won’t be any or it will be too sour. The most tasty and healthy will remain in the coffee pill, unable to dissolve in water. Continue reading

How to cook a delicious coffee in Turku

In this article we will discuss how to sahrawat coffee in the Turk. Some of us drink coffee every morning to Wake up, cheer up and adjust themselves on an operating mode, others prefer to drink it occasionally in the company of friends, accompanying slow conversation.

Securepath coffee can in two main ways – in the special

device (coffee-machine) or on fire (in a coffee pot, ibrik, cezve). There is another method in which a container of water is placed in a heated sand and there is brought to the desired temperature. Today let’s talk about how to prepare tasty coffee in the Turk.

Turk is a metal, usually copper container with a long handle. There are Turks, designed for different number of servings from one till 7-12, depending on the volume of one portion. In any case, the coffee should be prepared at one time, in whatever composition and what cups you weren’t going to use it.

There are different types of grinding coffee for brewing in Turka, of which the Turks recommend those that have a larger particle size. They allow to obtainthe optimum combination of taste and aroma of the drink. Continue reading

How to make coffee in Turku

How to brew coffee in Turku?

Most of us start your day from the portions Herculean porridge and freshly brewed coffee Turk. I love to brew coffee in Turku – smell spreads throughout the apartment. Grinding the roasted beans are more specifically before the production, while not evaporate freshest coffee flavor. Grinding has the ability to be medium, large or small. I like the taste and smell of small grains grinding black roasting. It is my judgment, although, in

principle, it is: the finer grind of coffee, the faster it will rise during boiling, and it will give all the water quality in the manufacture of beverages. Water before cooking coffee in the Turk should(must) be filtered first. To increase and highlight the taste of the drink at the bottom of the Turks you can put a piece of refined sugar or salt – taste. Ground coffee is placed is based on one Cup of water 1-1,5 tsp. of powder. So, come to the recipe cooking coffee in Turku:

Coffee is a favorite drinkof most people in our country. You can buy coffee both wholesale and retail. Continue reading

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