Make delicious coffee

As for the patterns on foam milk, it also requires a lot of time, products and patience. – Managed to draw a heart need to spend a lot of milk. – Because to make identical halves of the heart, it is simply impossible.

Different ways of preparing coffee and its varieties are almost nullify all the tips on cooking a single delicious drink that is often served at the Grand casino-Casino for playing poker or roulette. Therefore, we describe a method that can be applied as an electric coffee maker and normal, with the

“fountain system”. And for all methods of brewing coffee there is one General rule – for a tasty beverage needs clean and fresh water, are best suited for spring. Continue reading

How to boil in pot of delicious coffee – 7 steps to success

How to boil in pot of delicious coffee

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Turkish coffee is simple and romantic. It’s not the coffee that You buy on the way to work, coffee is for quiet enjoyment. Turkish coffee is especially good for those who love. life!

What is Turkish coffee

This introductory part, is irrelevant, anyone not interested can skip.

Turkish coffee, the Europeans it is often called in Greek, or Eastern, was invented as a drink in the 16th century in the middle East – cooked it in small jars, later called by the Turks or Gosvami. Middle Eastern drink made its way to Europe and then to Russia. Today delicious Turkish coffee is available in various Turkish and Greek restaurants from Moscow to new York.

Coffee brewed Turkish – very tasty, and often strong.

“Turkish coffee” is prepared, as already mentioned, in a cezve, a small vessel narrowing upward, and then abruptly expanding, with a long handle, which contains one or two servings of the drink. Traditionally, Turkish coffeeis placed in hot sand, but on a gas stove at home get no worse. Continue reading

How to recognize the proper preparation of espresso tamping

How to recognize the proper preparation of espresso: rammer

The process of ramming

Actually the process is properly called temperance, but the essence remains the same. A very important stage in the preparation of espresso – tamping the ground coffee in the portafilter the portafilter). Many think that this is all not important. But one thing that it seems the buyer of the

drink, and the other Barista.

The rammer, not looking at the apparent simplicity and ease of implementation, very precise and elaborate process. In a nutshell the theory. It’s very simple. If compacted very hard, the water will take much longer time to pass through the dense layer of coffee. If compacted slightly, slightly, without the slightest force, the water will pass through a leaky coffee very quickly.

Tampers are great many. Every Barista picks up his

Hence, changes in taste and chemical composition of the finished espresso. With tight tamping the coffee you will get a lot of caffeine and othertasteless oils. Coffee will taste very bitter, overheated. If poorly compacted, the taste won’t be any or it will be too sour. The most tasty and healthy will remain in the coffee pill, unable to dissolve in water. Continue reading

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