10 secrets of how to cook a delicious coffee

10 secrets of how to make delicious coffee

1. Buy quality coffee beans. Not worth it to grind coffee immediately. Coffee is flavorful and delicious, if you’re grinding the beans just before brewing. Grind your own coffee very finely, it will give a richer taste. Do not buy ground coffee and instant coffee.

2. To make a delicious coffee definitely be sure to take

clean water. You can’t take hot or already boiled water. This will ruin the taste of coffee, so you don’t get a positive from a Cup of coffee.

3. Not worth it to make coffee in the coffee maker. The best taste of coffee gets when cooking in an ordinary pot. So prepare coffee in the East.

4. To cook a delicious and aromatic coffee, get the Turks with a narrow neck and a thick bottom.

5. Do not rush while making coffee. Put Turku on mdenny fire. Fragrant and delicious coffee to prepare for a long time.

6. Add a few grains of salt when preparing coffee will allow it to better reveal the taste of coffee.

7. Ginger is a useful and fragrant spice. The taste of coffee, if you add ginger, becomes richer and more enjoyable. Try it, you’ll like it. One condition – add spice does not need much.

8. Bring to boil coffee and immediately remove from heat. And so two – three times. In no case do not boil the coffee. So coffee will lose its taste.

9. Once the coffee is ready, and you will remove it from fire, do not just pour the coffee into the Cup. Let it infuse in a pot for 2-3 minutes.

10. For the best aroma and taste of coffee, use brown sugar. Add it to your liking.

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